twilightedgeart asked:

Hi, I was just wondering what the status of this blog is since I haven't seen any updates in a while. I hope all is well.

I’ve been contemplating reviving it, but after my computer breaking down, then going on holiday, and having so much work that I’m having to do overtime I’ve found very little time to invest here. I think what I’ll do is go ahead and make a few tasks at a time and release them gradually, though due to work I probably won’t be able to participate myself. I will try and get some done this Sunday! Sorry for the absence but life has been crazy O:

Anonymous asked:

is this blog dead?

Ah sorry! Life has gotten a little complicated (more important issues pressing) and I meant to write a hiatus message. However my computer broke so it completely skipped my mind all together. Being that I am without a computer and will be going on holiday soon, I can’t see me getting one before then. I hope to resume tasks at the end of April. Good luck with your studies!!

I will be posting the next task tomorrow (Monday) at 9 PM London GMT. Sorry for the delay!